Obras del Alma

This giant with his immense power, is capable of catching the rainbow and turning it into a necklace for Oyá, the Goddess of burial grounds. His energy can only be matched by earthquakes. He is the only one capable of crossing flooded rivers, taking advantage of this by asking Yemayá for favors. Thus she becomes pregnant of Changó, not welcomed by his father and mother. Agayú Solá is recognized by his big footsteps, his aggressive behaviour and wears only red and white clothing, like his son Changó. Feared by everyone. Nobody dares to enter his house, although the door is always open. Only Changó tries, risking his life by stealing food. Furiously his father tries to burn him.

Agayú Solá - Acrylic on canvas 25,5 x 20,5 cm 2003

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